How to Provide the Best Temporary Home
  • Have at least one comfy bed & offer amenities like linens and toiletries
  • Provide availability for at least two consecutive days
  • Have a functioning bathroom and kitchen
  • Be able to deliver the RV to a certain location in some instances
How it Works

As an RV owner, you can play a pivotal role in helping people during emergencies. Whether it’s the people who were directly displaced due to a disaster striking in their hometown, or the helpers and volunteers offering aid to those in need, your RV can be a place of comfort during a difficult time. If you wish to have your RV listed as a potential RV Relief unit to help during an emergency, all you have to do is send us an email at We will contact you if your RV could be of use to people in need of temporary housing.

Have you been displaced from your home due to an emergency?

Whether your home was impacted directly or you are a relief worker looking for a temporary place to stay while you are helping others, please contact us so we can help you find temporary housing.

Keep Guests and Employees Comfortable on the Road with High-Quality Mobile Housing

Mobile housing provides an opportunity for both temporary housing and corporate housing needs. It’s a great option for keeping employees and guests comfortable while setting up for or attending an event, as well as helping employees that are on the road feel more at home during their travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RV Relief work for people in need?
Answer: Those displaced by an event and volunteers on location to help those in need can contact RVshare to help them find assistance locating an RV rental in their area. By letting us know you wish to offer your RV we will be able to locate your information and contact you should an ideal fit arise.

How can I sign up with my RV listing to host people in need?
Answer: All you have to do is send us an email and we will add you to the list of RV owners listed in our RV Relief program.

What support do you offer to RV owners?
All of our standard benefits will also be provided to owners participating in the RV Relief program.