What Our Mobile Housing Offers
  • High-quality place to stay for events or company needs
  • Fast solution to meet large demand in remote areas
  • Hassel free delivery option to your location
  • Expertise in housing hundreds of nights for corporate clients

RVshare is the World’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental platform, with over 100,000 RVs across the United States, we provide unrivaled, cost-effective, options to our partners.

RVshare’s Disaster Response Solutions Team assists the Private Sector, Federal, State, and Local Governments with temporary housing solutions for first responders and mission-critical personnel in times of crisis. Through RVshare’s expansive Owner network, RVshare’s Owners can deliver units to almost anywhere in the U.S. within 24 - 72 hours (depending on location).

We understand that disaster often strikes with limited advance notice giving decision makers minimal time to plan but we’re here to also help you plan your disaster housing strategy.

Our distribution model also enables us to be flexible when it comes to increasing the number of units, the types of units, or drop-off locations.

WHY USE RVshare?

  • Nationwide Distribution - With over 100,000 RVs on our platform, our Owners can deploy units to virtually anywhere in the U.S. within 24 - 72 hours (depending on location).
  • Cost Effective Solutions - Given our expansive Owner network, we can negotiate on behalf of our partners to get you the best price in the market.
  • Flexible Solutions - Whether your request is for 1 unit or 100 units, we can help.
  • Strategy Consulting - RVshare can help you plan your disaster housing strategy - we’ve done it before.
  • Single Source - RVshare is single source option for nation-wide requests, we have units in every state across the U.S. so there is no need to deal with multiple vendors in each state.
  • Reduce Logistics - Having first responders and mission-critical personnel on-site will lead to quicker response times and reduced logistical overhead vs. having personnel in alternative lodging off-site.
  • Apartment - Like Accommodations - RVs provide occupants with private bathrooms, kitchens, and ample living space to provide a more comfortable living arrangement.
  • Ancillary Services - RVshare can also help procure ancillary services such as power generators, tank maintenance, and other RV related services.

If you have any additional questions or would like to deploy a solution, please submit this form or call: +1 330 619 4678